Gourav Kumar is a technology enthusiast who has worked for various Fortune 500 MNC companies and specialises in Enterprise Software Development, Data Engineering, DevOps, and Cloud Transformations.

He had held various roles like Full-stack Developer, AWS Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Big-data Engineer to his latest being a Golang Developer at Latitude Financial Services in Australia. His skillset includes:

  • Solution designing, technical advisory, team management, stakeholder management.
  • Serverless, micro-services, even-driven architecture, data warehousing.
  • Golang, Python, NodeJS, Angular, React, Amazon AWS, GCP, Azure, Talend, Snowflake and many more.

Gourav has won multiple awards and certifications in his field and has been spreading the tech knowledge since he was 20 years old. He has a passion for helping others and believes the knowledge is not proprietary and must be shared with everyone. His beliefs and passion have led him to teach young people, support startups and also write various technical and non-technical articles online.

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